Forget all you know about socks


Good for you. Good for the environment.

Superb Value

You never need to worry about finding a matching pair.

Ultimate Comfort

Socks are soft and comfortable with a breathable mesh top.

True Innovation

All-purpose soft tubular socks, Eco-friendly in an innovative dispenser box

Every day, Everywhere

This box of socks is great at home and easily packs for travel.

Handy & Affordable

Pulliez 28 pairs of socks in a box, it’s a true value pack!

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The Socks

Delivering the highest quality socks with sustainability in mind.

  • Comfortable: Pulliez socks are soft and flexible.
  • Perfect fit: Tubular shape and stretchy to fit all sizes.
  • Hygiene: Breathable mesh top for all- day freshness.
  • Eco- friendly: The sustainable choice – Reuse of recycled bottles.
  • Reusable: Pulliez socks are machine washable.

The Box

Innovative dispense socks box.

  • Innovative: Dispenser box – EZ to pull and use as many as you need.
  • Super value pack: 28 pairs in each dispenser box.
  • Best solution: All socks are unisex, same color and size – NO more pairing and matching socks!
  • Family’s choice: Available in adult OR children’s sizes.
  • Basics: Available in black OR White.
  • Handy and affordable : Use at home and on-the-go.
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Adults Pulliez white socks box – 28 Pairs

Adults Pulliez black socks box – 28 Pairs

Kids Pulliez white socks box – 28 Pairs

Kids Pulliez black socks box – 28 Pairs