Pulliez socks are machine washable, standard treatment and multi-use.

Pulliez socks are knitted with high density and with a breathable mesh top, soft and flexible for maximum comfort and high qulity.

No need to wash your socks before using. Pulliez socks are washed before packing and packed in hygiene conditions.

In Pulliez we help protect the environment in several ways:

– We combine recycled fiber from recycled plastic bottles!

– We pack 28 pieces in one recyclable box and reduce packaging materials.

– Our Production facilities are of high standard for environmental protection such as minimal water use and no use of toxic substance.

Our box is made of recycled and recycled paper.

The shape is without a built-in heel, but due to the extra elastane, Pulliez are flexible and with perfect fit for everyone.

We made sure to keep only the basic colors – after wash the socks come out identical from the machine – so there is no need to match mates!

The box helps us to take the “socks drawer “anywhere we want!(for example at the house entrance, in our shoe drawer, keep it in the kindergarten, in our suitcase … and easily pull out a pair or a single sock whenever needed.

Our box has 4 slots; 7 pairs of socks can be pulled out from each slot – a total of 28 pairs -suitable for a monthly use.

We will be launching sneakers socks very soon and there are more products to come – you will be the first to know 😊!

Pulliez socks rise 3-8 cm above the ankle (depending on the foot size)   they are not “ankle-high socks”.

 Pulliez socks have a seam at the toes end.   We made sure that it will be minimal, so it won’t rub against sensitive areas.  

Our box is designed for a single use, after extracting the socks you can store the socks in any drawer and not be bothered with matching pairs due to their unified design.

YES, the stockings are made of breathable fibers and they have a comfortable and soft hold, they are suitable as everyday use, work socks, leisure socks or any other purposes.